Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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There's a time in all our lives........
Before we're grandmothers and wives.......
When weather hasn't any power,
Be it deluge, be it shower.
As we age we start to grizzle
About the dampness of the drizzle.
We start complaining about the breeze
And how it's whipping round our knees.
We squabble over the allocation
Of the umbrella's situation.
'Hey! Mind my eye! with those blasted spokes!' ......
And, believe me, we're not making jokes.
But there are times when we recall
That weather didn't count at all
In those long-gone days of sweet romance
When all the raindrops did was dance.
Even the cold rain of December
Felt like a benison, I remember.
If we felt damp, and water trickled,
It didn't chill, it merely tickled.
And then we laughed and laughed together,
Sharing the big joke of the weather.
These two will, one day, be so staid
That rain will make them both dismayed,
But, just for now, soaked to the skin,
It's a perfect climate that they're in.

(A Fable)

An Elephant and an Eagle chanced to meet one day.
Said the Elephant to the Eagle 'Why do you look that way?
Why have you mighty wings that beat and let you rule the sky?
How come you are the King of all that great big realm on high?'
Said the Eagle to the Elephant ' It's because I am the best;
Very much superior to you and all the rest.'
'Oh no!' replied the Elephant ' I am of much more worth
Because I rule the creatures that are living here on earth.
My strength is truly wondrous; I could crush you with one blow.
I am superior to you. I think you ought to know!'
They argued and they argued about who should be the King,
The creature on Terra Ferma  or the creature on the wing.
They wrangled and they wrangled  and they almost came to blows
Till they both said 'This is silly! Why should we two be foes?
Let us combine our attributes, then all will be aware
That the mighty Eaglephant is King on Earth and in the Air!'
And so the Eaglephant was born, in truth a mighty creature
An Elephant with Eagle's wings, a most unusual feature.
But it was one that could not fly because of the great weight
And, in the jungle, it could not move! Such was the creature's fate!
Time and again the Eaglephant tried to run and soar,
Testing its equipment till it could try no more!
Exhausted, collapsing on the ground, it admitted its defeat
Admitting that an Eaglephant is an easy thing to beat.
So one went back to flying and one to stomping round,
Both of them magnificent, in the air or on the ground.
The moral of this story is  'Be happy with your lot'.
Or else you may lose even that which you thought you had got!


Jinksy said...

Come under my umbrella do...! LOL

Silent Otto said...

Curious eh?, people become more attuned to the elements as they age and begin slowly moving towards death, and being , back to basics. Sounds healthy and natural to me !

Tess Kincaid said...

I love "it didn't chill, it merely tickled"...