Monday, October 8, 2012

Times Past

    The Wordle 


We are asked to use all the words in the Wordle.


There among the willows where the breeze blew through the trees
I sat down on the soft grass, writing, at my ease.
The rustle of the summer leaves was all that broke the calm,
And every aspect of the scene was infused with peace and charm.
Should I write a poem full of heartfelt grateful thanks
As I sat beside the river, on its gently sloping banks?
Then, suddenly, a knowledge! A scene from long ago,
A certain realisation that life was not always so!
A vision of a battle, fought in this very spot!
A time in ancient history when blood was running hot!
The swords are taken from the sheaths, and piercing screams are heard,
An unbearable fever grips the men, as deep wounds are incurred!
Ancient passions  now explode! Brittle bones are breaking!
Wounds crust over, throats are cut, men are left bruised and shaking.
Then, just as the vision had arrived, its tale of battle sending,
It faded, and I knew my soul could recover and be mending.
But my Muse had slipped away from me, appalled by grief and pain.
I will never choose that river bank  to write poetry again.



Mary Jane
Was rather vain
And also rather dreamy;
Although, 'tis true
Her eyes were blue
And her skin was peach-and-creamy.
The crinoline
That she was in
Was white and frilled and flouncy,
And she'd waltz and sway
Right through the day,
With steps elegant and bouncy.
Her Mother said
'Your silly head
Is in the clouds for sure!
One day you'll fly
Up in the sky
And we'll see you no more!'
And look! It's true!
Up in the blue,
Still crinolined and dreamy,
Is Mary Jane
Singing this refrain....
'Now everyone can see me!'

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