Sunday, October 28, 2012

Risk Taking

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I'm  a reasonably lively person
At times I'm almost brisk,
But I certainly am not the type
To go in search of risk.
You won't find me sky-diving
Or considering a gamble
And when I walk I take such care
I almost seem to amble.
And yet, not once but twice in life
I've upped and emigrated!

And that's a move that friends of  mine
Have never contemplated.
My risk-takings never physical
It's adventure that I've craved
And thats why joblessness and such
Has been,quite gladly, braved.
What is a risk to one person
Isn't a risk to all
I'm a midget in some areas
But in others I stand tall.


Ask for advice when you're in doubt!
Don't think you can do without.
Verify all that you are told.
If possible sort dross from gold.
Consider all things with great care.
Everybody has good advice to share!



Rebecca said...

love this take on the prompt well done

Old Egg said...

Well I skipped your SA to land in SA of another kind. What an adventure that was at only 10 pounds a head. p.s. I skipped sky-diving too. Every trip back to UK has merely confirmed our first decision was correct. Great poems to reminisce over.

Understanding Alice said...

Very nice! I particularly like the idea that what is risk to some, isn't to others :-)

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your tale of risk!

keiths ramblings said...

Delightful poems as ever! I went to live abroad once but I eventually came back to my SA - Southern Angleterre!

Altonian said...

I left southern England to emigrate to a cold country in the far north-east that had an 800 mile border with the then Soviet Union. Still here after 36 years. Crazy, or what?

my heart's love songs said...

the furthest i've gone is cross-country! hats off to you for your bravery!

Belva Rae Staples said...

Great poems once again!