Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Image: Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy at 2:30 p.m. E.T. on Monday.



Every so often they come along.....

Wild and raging storms,
With rain and wind! It's Natures wrath
In all its many forms.
We think we're so important
And yet we have to quail
As roofs are blown off buildings
And cars are wrecked by hail.
At the moment New York's suffering
And the city's in our thoughts.

This will be a mighty storm
According to reports.
Soon it will be over
Skies will clear again,
Rubble will be cleared away
And all signs of rain,
But for a while well remember
That we are far from strong.
And then we will forget it
Until another storm comes along.


To those of you in milder climes
These flowers are not exotic,
And labelling them as something rare
Is really idiotic.
But where I live in New South Wales, 
Down beside the sea,
Pretty little Springtime flowers
We very rarely see.
We have our jacaranda
And our wattle's golden bright
And the curtains of wisteria 
Are a truly lovely sight.
But cowslips, bluebells and the like
Are something rich and rare
And so we travel to the Highlands*
To see them growing there.
* The Highlands of New South Wales!


Mrsupole said...

You totally wrote the truth about Natures wrath. We are no where near as strong as Nature. Winds, floods, mudslides, fire, drought, diseases, to name just a few. I think there was one flu that killed over 25 million people. And they say that if one like that happened today then it would be many times worse. Sometimes it is a wonder that we even survive.

But then we have this one wonderful word in our vocabulary. It is "hope". We always hope for the best in everything. We hope for this and we hope for that. Yes, we always have hope.

And I guess I never really think much about it but we seem to have flowers and plants from so many places and we have greenery and blooms all year round here. California would be such a great place if we could get our politicians to quit overtaxing us and to quit spending money it doesn't have. Wow that kinda sounds like our Federal politicians. No wonder they have the lowest ratings in the country.

But those are beautiful flowers and very exotic. Flowers are one of the main beauties of nature. Nature is truly a wonder, just a little stormy at times.

God bless.

Skip Simpson said...

Very nice. We were pretty lucky in far western Virginia, as we came through relatively unscathed compared to a lot of other places.

Meri said...

Massive storm - incalculable damage. Good way to mark its passing.

Susan said...

I enjoyed these two rhyming nature poems. In the first the serious wrath of the storm, caught in its images, are belied by the rhyme itself and how we forget once it is past. In the second, step by step you lift the pretty flowers up to the status of rare and, yes, exotic.

Catch My Words said...

Well said. It's hard to believe the damage and destruction going on while we saw sunny skies.


Dulcina said...

You are so right when saying "we think we're so important" and "we are far from strong", yes, but we soon forget... and God has to remind us of our weakness from time to time, though... man never learns.
Thanks for sharing your words, a pleasure.