Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Waterfront


Our waterfront pays homage, slightly
To historic days of yore.
These modern buildings boast a likeness
To buildings that were there before.
Maybe the paint, like sugared-almonds,
Was not in vogue in days gone by,
But see how pleasantly the colours
Are enhanced by the bright blue sky!
Only the lookout tower looks modern,
With its head up in the air
But the waterfront is spacious......
There is lots of room to share.

Modern life and other centuries
Jostle for space here by the sea,
Which goes to show we get it right
When we doff a cap to history.


A thrill has an element of danger.
A thrill has an element of strife.
It's something outside the ordinary realm
Of the everyday ho-hum life.
It is something which passes in a moment,
Unlike joy or pleasure;
It is something which positively shouts 'Excess!'
Because it is hard to measure.
Like a flash of lightning running through one,
Or a  stab of overwhelming terror,
It involves every fibre of ones body
And it screams 'No room for error!'
Base jumpers feel it as they're standing
On the edge of a towering cliff,
As they edge towards their take-off
And their minds whisper 'What if?'
Young girls feel it on blind dates,
That mixture of excitement and dread.;
Young men feel it in their vehicles
When the highway stretches ahead. 
Death is always lurking when life's thrilling,
One's involved in something that can kill.
Me, I like my pleasures less exciting;
Give me ho-hum rather than thrill.

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