Monday, October 15, 2012

Worlds Apart



They're there! They're there! I feel they're there, although I have no proof.
I feel in my bones the theory  must be true............
The other worlds out there, out there, truly beyond our ken,
And very clearly far beyond our view.
Maybe mankind will never know for certain that they exist,
Even technology may fall at the fence,
Because there are multi-universes lost in eternity
And 'immense' cannot describe that great 'immense'.
'Never-ending' is a human word but I feel that it depicts
A sea that has no shore and is forever.
(And maybe I don't know nuffink and I'm talking through my hat
And I'd be pooh-poohed by those who're really clever).
Not 'a world apart' but 'worlds apart', a never-ending number,
And we'll never know about them and their creatures;
They'll never know of us but there is one thing that is sure....
They will not share our accidental features.
These worlds apart........ and we live on one...... all come alive and die
And the multiverses couldn't give a damn.
So aren't we human-beings jokes when we stand up on our legs
And crow those famous last words......'
'Here I am!'

The words in blue are the last words of Beatle George Harrison.


If the concept that you're after is the age-old one of 'Love',
Just try to Google  a picture of what you're thinking of!
You'll find lots of hearts and flowers and Cupids by the score,
As though it's only sexual love that you are looking for.
Romance is very charming, there's just no doubt about it,
And the mating game would be quite dull if we had to live without it.
But the 'Love one another' that's quoted is something else again,
And, in my case, trying to do it goes right against the grain.
I can't love unreservedly, I can't love one and all,
My ability to go overboard is really very small.
'Affection', yes, I do feel that; I'm happy with that word.
But the idea of loving everyone seems crazy and absurd.
Even my nearest and dearest don't get love constantly;
My love comes in spasms, like writing poetry.
Jesus had the right idea.....'Do unto others as you
Would they should do unto you'; words that are very true.
I like the element of selfishness, the looking for a reward;
Just 'being nice' to others; not going overboard.
Act as though you love one another and that will do the trick.
'Loving-kindness', the Buddha's word, is the one that I would pick.
It's too hard to 'love one another'; it requires a lot of passion.
But loving-kindness is something that we never need to ration.
If we want a world of tolerance, respect and mutual care
We must pretend to love one another, and then we may get there.

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