Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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After the party I made my way home,
Feeling my life was drab.
The most exciting event that night
Had been the ride in the taxi cab!
Nothing seemed to be going my way.
Timothy hadn't called
And Eddie had said we were all washed up.
It seemed my life had stalled.
As we approached the house I saw
The windows ablaze with light.
Had one of them actually changed his mind?
What a delightful sight!
If it were Eddie I'd make quite sure
That I didn't seem too keen.
I'd toy with him, yes that's what I'd do
After all, he had been mean
If it were Timothy I'd have row
And put him on the spot.
I didnt want him to get the idea
That he was all I'd got.
I rushed up the pathway, and through the door
Lips all pursed for kissing.
I'd certainly show these errant beaux
Exactly what they'd been missing,
There was my house ablaze with light
And not a man in sight!
I'd forgotten to turn the lights off
When I'd gone out that night!
Green nuclear power coming to Norway


With his great red beard and his muscled arms
He once ruled in the sky.
His hammer was the thunder
That men heard as he passed by.
The sparks flew from his anvil 
And men saw the lightning flash,
And all the power on earth was there
Amid the roar and crash.
But he was also god of farming,
So the ancients must have seen
A link between  his power
And a world of verdant green.
And still the link continues
Between energy and growth;
And still we hold the old dream dear
That we can have them both.
For Thorium is ours to mine
And to use instead of coal.
Thorium, not uranium,
Can play a useful role.
Named after the great god on high
And found in many places,
It's likely to be cleaner 
Than the black fuels it replaces.
Safer, cleaner energy;
We'll need it more and more.
Once more we'll find we give our thanks
To the power of the great god, Thor.

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