Monday, October 1, 2012

Time and Place

asks for a very short story


I chose the time, and the place;
Romance was in the air.
I had a favourite look-out
And I thought I'd take her there.
I brought her to the highest point
Although she did complain
That it was very windy,
And, I agreed, it looked like rain.
She fell and hurt her knee.....
It was only a graze.
We couldn't see the view
Because of the misty haze.
She wasn't very well equipped
And a heel came off her shoe!
And she said I didn't help her up......
Well, I suppose that's true!
And then, oh dear, down came the rain!
She was only slightly wet.
And I wanted this to be a date
That we would not forget!
I chose the time, and the place
I visualised it all.
Now I'm having second thoughts....
I wont propose at all!
(140 words)



A million years ago
I travelled on the Blue Train.
Fresh from London,
I had arrived in the sparkle of South Africa.
Rhodesia, as it then was,
We went to the station immediately;
I have forgotten it.
We boarded the train
And sped North;
I have forgotten most of it.
After all
Fifty years is a long time.
But I remember the border.
Because the staff changed
From South African
To Rhodesian.
Who could forget the
Dazzling white uniforms,
The dazzling white teeth,
The smiling generosity of spirit,
The good humour,
The efficiency?
I knew Rhodesia would be heaven.
And I was right.
But that was then.

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