Tuesday, October 23, 2012


asks us to consider an upgrade

(An Acrostic)

Unhappy with your present standing?
Perhaps you need some brand new branding.
Get new clothes in a smart new style.
Renew your persona, flash a smile.
Act as the person you wish you were.
Do the things you really prefer.
Even YOU need to improve!
Upgrade out of that sad old groove.
My Corner of Australia


The leaving of one country for another.
The year 1974.
We were leaving South Africa.
Our destination New Zealand.
There we would find
And an English atmosphere.
Consider our situation......
A sick mother in tow,
Plus two young children. 
Crates packed,
Car organised.
Bridges burnt.
A letter!
An Oil Crisis in the Middle East!
A shortage of fuel!
The ship could go no further than Australia!
What to do?
Australia did not appeal....
Not for us.
We wanted New Zealand.
But we took the plunge regardless.
After  all, we'd burnt our bridges.
We stayed in Australia.
We could not be happier.
Yesterday our Probus Club celebrated its Friendship Day. I don't know how it originated but it's been a tradition ever since I joined the Club. Normally we have a varied program but this year my Merry Mellows were asked to perform an old play called 'Tiddly Pom'. It's months since I wrote it but it all came back to us and we all had great fun performing it. Afterwards we had a catered lunch.

Here you see me as the prim English woman being accosted by a rough diamond Australian man on board ship. I end up marrying him! (Her!)


Old Egg said...

A great acrostic as usual for Upgrade, however I loved the Upheaval history. I do hope you been to New Zealand for a visit which is always a delight for me.

Altonian said...

Wise words indeed.

Belva Rae Staples said...

Everyone needs an upgrade from time to time. I think I should wear a paper bag over my head. It would fix everything. lol. I love your acrostic!