Monday, October 1, 2012


chose the topic


Carve a piece of wood into a semblance of a face;
Redecorate your bathroom, that previous disgrace;
Embroider pretty flowers on a hanky for your Gran;
Attach a snazzy slogan to the window of your van;
Tat, if you know how to, and I certainly do not;
Illuminate a parchment, if a parchment's what you've got;
Versify incessantly, rhyming at full spate!
Every living person has the power to create.


The French do have a way with words.
Dried flower? That is for the birds.
But 'immortelle' is pure romance,
A word to make an old heart dance.
It speaks of love pressed between pages,
Meant to last throughout the ages.
It brings to mind a musty scent
Where sweetness lingers, heaven sent.
It makes one think of loving glances
And sweethearts making the most of chances
In shadowy corners and garden bowers.
It speaks of the Language of the Flowers.
'Dried flower?' That cannot cast a spell.
But oh the charm of the Immortelle!


Berowne said...

I continue to be impressed by your remarkable skill, juggling meter and rhyme.

Old Egg said...

It is almost as though you have signed the first piece with V "Versify incessantly, rhyming at full spate". This you do so well.

For some reason (and I am often be wrong) I thought "une immortelle" was an actual flower, named as it lasted for so long? I much prefer my flowers in the ground.