Sunday, October 7, 2012


wrote the first line


A lady involved in a feud,
Was a buttoned-up prim little prude,
The thoughts in her mind
Were obscene and unkind
But she thought vocalising was rude.


Well, here's a very bare cook cover!
It's left to the reader to discover
If it is good enough to read.
It may be very good indeed!
But should off-white be the tint?
Doesn't it give a sort of hint
That the teeth are not a pure white colour
But something infinitely duller?
Goodness! That white is quite forlorn!
Dentists would treat that shade with scorn,
Making the owner cringe and blush
Saying 'Haven't you ever used a brush?'
These teeth must be more beige than white!
Not a very attractive sight.
However, the discrepancy
Between the title and what we see
Has made me give it my attention.
The publisher may have had that intention!
Marketing can be quite sly;
Who knows what will attract the eye?

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