Monday, October 29, 2012




I described a show as 'Ethnic'
And I thought I knew what I meant.
Somehow I saw someone 'Ethnic'
As living in a tent,
Wearing lots of gaudy beads,
Dancing to exotic beats,
Dressed in brilliant colours
And eating strange sugary sweets.
'Ethnic' meant speaking a language
That was gibberish to me,
'Ethnic' meant having different ideas
Of home and family.
Then I looked the word up on 'Google'
And found, to my surprise,
That 'Ethnic' doesn't mean 'darker-skinned'
Or 'having oval eyes'!
'Ethnic' means 'Belonging
To a group in a foreign land'.
So here was an explanation
That I could understand.
I belong to a cohort
Of 'English living in Oz',
Held together by memories
Of our Homeland that once was.
I don't wear brilliant colours,
My skin is a boring beige,
But I, too, could do an 'Ethnic' dance,
If I chose to, on Life's stage!


If there were ghosts in this modern age
They'd inhabit technology.
They'd hide in the corners of computers
And haunt creatively.
They'd be very poltergistic
In very modern ways;
They'd send us curious messages
And cause untold delays.
They'd do spirity things in the keyboard
Causing mis-hits and mistakes;
They'd make curious tingaling noises
And send us email fakes.
They'd make us lose our programs;
They'd make the screen go blank.
Forget about gloomy corridors
And dungeons dark and dank.
These modern ghosts would never stoop
To just saying 'Whee!' or 'Boo!'.
They'd live inside our computers.
 In fact, I think they do!

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