Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Pessimistic Vs Optimistic  for 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution



Are you an ismist? You probably are.
Is an 'ism' your guiding star?
Babarism is one you may follow,
Though that idea is hard to swallow.
Confucianism is thought to be
A pretty great ideology.
Fatalism  is believed by many,
Who say 'Free will? There isn't any.'
Hedonism? We're on the brink
But we've still got time to dance and drink.
Jingoism ? Raise the flag!
(Even though it's just a painted rag,)
Nihilism is dark and drear;
Followers say the end is near.
Paternalism  from those who say
'I'm the man so I get my way.'
Terrorism .......  buzz-word now
On everybodies' lips, and how!
If 'isms' get you all excited;
If all your passions are ignited,
By this or that or the other idea,
Then it is absolutely clear
That you're an ismist!
What a lovely word
For something obviously absurd!



A grey, grey day in Sydney;
Drizzle, and lowering clouds,
Many raised umbrellas,
Damply scurrying crowds.
But still the water sparkled,
And the gulls were still in flight,
And still the lovers sang their songs
As though the sky were bright.

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Maude Lynn said...

Sparkling Grey is so lovely!