Monday, October 1, 2012

A Mystery

The Wordle


asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


Not being a prayerful person, I've wondered many times
What praying actually feels like when one prays.
Does one feel dazed and holy? Does one recite ones crimes?
Or is one full of fear, in various ways?
Is one overcome with tenderness? Is ones breathing laboured too?
Do eyes water with emotion true and deep?
Are one's prayers old and remembered or are they all brand new?
Do you feel you have to pray before you sleep?
Is there a slight ambivalence about your attitude?
Is there ever just the tiniest twinge of doubt?
Or does does a mental incense deal with thoughts that may intrude
Keeping all the awkward questions out?
And when the session's over, do you still feel new-born 
As your mind empties of the holiness of prayer?
My brain flaps and scurries, full of nonsense, full of scorn.
Your reverence I simply cannot share.



A restaurant by the River, where many folk are fed,
But what can be the significance of all that colour red?
Is it just by chance it's there? Maybe, but I know it's right
That the colour red enhances the eater's appetite!
It must be a memory of blood, a rather nasty thought;
Maybe we're thinking back to times when animals were caught
And slaughtered as the tribe looked on, and blood ran on the ground.
I've no idea; but it's a theory that seems to me quite sound.
Psychologists vouch for redness as causing salivation,
So the restaurant-designer must have used this as his motivation.

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