Friday, August 17, 2012

Three Old Mates



Three old mates reminiscing in the sun
Seem to have been joined by an extra one.
No, an extra two, or is it three?
A reflected multiplicity.

Read this blurb and see if you would read the book!

Cynthia McDougal-Smollet

They both chance upon the self-same derelict house at the same time.
But he is a young student!
And she is a hard-bitten career-woman of a.....mature age.
Zack and Evangeline find love 'among the ruins'.
Will public scorn ruin their lives?

Rumours of bigamy and infanticide lurk.

A tangle of relationships points to forbidden love!
What exactly is Evangeline's dark secret? 
Can Zak trust her birth-certificate?

Interwoven into this delicious tale of 'cougar' love are many hints for the renovator.
During the most intimate exchanges one or other of the lovers will break-off
to discuss a cornice or a lintel.
This makes for exciting reading.

The Real-Estate Quarterly: Turn that hopeless hovel into a love-nest with the help of this 
'How-To Manual' of lust and renovation.


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Loved the photo and the book blurb sounds very enticing!