Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wise Eyes

asks us to write about 'wise'


The Wise Old Owl is wrongly named,
For which, of course, it can't be blamed.
Human beings have seen its eyes
And then considered it very wise.
It stares with such a knowing stare
We think a lot of brain is there.
Sadly, the eyes are the largest part
Of the cranium. If you chart
The brain of an owl you then will find
There's not much room left for a mind!
All its brain-power is used in seeing
Which makes the owl a brainless being!
If I go round with googly eyes
Will everybody think me wise?


Your husband and my wife are both at home in bed.
And how we love our early-morning walk!
I saw you on the beach over a year ago
And it wasn't long before we stopped to talk.
At first it was all innocent; we walked briskly, on the beach,
Discussing work and hobbies and the weather.
I was finding Elsie dreary; you were heartily sick of Tom;
It was natural that we both felt drawn together.
But then our friendship changed to a deeper sort of feeling,
And now we've started having an affair!
We've been taking lots of chances, meeting secretly in hotels
And we're certain that it's true love that we share.
So far we've kept our secret; Tom and Elsie still know nothing;
The two of them lie snoring in their beds!
And the thought of illicit passion is something they'd not dream of!
They're so dull it wouldn't enter in their heads!
Watch out! That chap with the camera is pointing in our direction!
He's pretending that he's filming the morning sun.
But I bet he's a detective, employed by Tom and Elsie!
I think that we've been rumbled! Come on! Run!

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