Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Why do French words always sound so posh
And the English versions always sound so bland?
For 'genre' we could say 'category','type' or, simply, 'style',
But 'genre' sounds so clever and so grand.
I wonder does 'le camping' sound exotic when in France?
Does that English word seem flowery and chic?
(There I go, another French word that tripped right of my tongue;
I say them willy-nilly when I speak!)
French is a 'precious' language, or so the French believe;
They hate it when the English words creep in;
They even have discussions on the purity of French,
And say importing English is a sin!
English is a hotch-potch, a mixture and a blend
Of many other languages and phrases
And it's all the richer for it, at least so I am told;
Shakespeare's use of English words amazes.
I'll continue to say 'genre', if I don't I'll sound uncouth,
After all the word's innocuous and small.
But what really does annoy me is the fact that that word 'genre'
Just will not RHYME with anything at all!

*In English, that is. 

(An Acrostic)

Belligerent? Oh no! Not me!
Layabouts like you must see
Our ways of life are not alike!
Why? Don't ask! Get on yer bike!
Are you even listening to me?
Fool! There's no harm you can do me!
Unless you back-off I'll lash-out!
Seems I must give you a clout!
Ever heard 'I win; you lose'?
This is it! I've blown a fuse!


my heart's love songs said...

très magnifique! {sorry, i couldn't resist!}

really enjoyed this!

thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


Mary said... true! French words do indeed sound so posh compared to their English counterparts. Enjoyed this.

Helen said...

Continuing in Dani's footsteps ...
oui oui!!

Brian Miller said...

ha i sat here a moment trying to think of a rhyme...smiles...i def like it in french....

Grace said...

I do enjoy listening to French accents, it sounds so mysterious ~

Wishing you a happy day ~

Susan said...

Clever--both the genre poem and the acrostic. If you want to rhyme the entire word (with flair), you are right about English and genre and many other precious words!

Mary B. Mansfield said...

Wonderful! Love the way the English language tends to adapt and absorb new words from different sources, keeps things interesting.

Unknown said...

excellent stuff! They are indeed precious about it...and our loan words are why English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. I really like your work. This is the first time I've been here, but I'm subscribing now :)

Margaret said...

...if you can't come up with a rhyme for something, nobody can! :)