Thursday, August 16, 2012




At first I thought 'How romantic!'
Don't we all love to hear
That 'someone' will be there for us,
Someone we hold dear?
I lingered over the message,
With a dreamy look in my eyes,
Until that clever sting in the tail
Made me realise.........


I've touched on dogs before.......not literally, of course!
So why do I choose a dog today, rather than a cat or horse?
Because, my friends, I'm urged to write about the world of 'stinky'
And then to add my comment by means of Mr Linky.
How would it be to be a dog and love odours that we hate?
What if I loved the perfume of that by the garden gate?
What if I went into raptures when I smelt some mouldy meat?
What if the smell of the garbage bin was something very sweet?
What if that 'rotten egg' aroma smelt like Paradise
And the nether parts of Fido smelt naughty but so-o-o nice?
What if I went round sniffing and wearing a silly grin?
What if I revelled in the smell of my dearest kith and kin?
Life would be very different, that I know full well,
And I think I'll stick with what I've got....
An inferior sense of smell.

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