Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mascara Free

The Mona Lisa; Leonardo da Vinci



Unadorned, yes, that's the word; these eyes are simply eyes.
They are jut as nature made them, without the least disguise.
No contact lenses colour them a brilliant blue or green;
No false eye-lashes flutter there, no make-up adds a sheen.
Would they have danced so merrily had they been so enhanced?
Would the artist have managed to capture the merriment as they danced?
Cover the lips, so sweetly curved, and you will clearly see
That the expression is in the eyes, mascara-less and free.
It's not as though the eyes are huge, they're really rather small,
Then there's the colour....it's simply brown, a humdrum brown, that's all.
As for the 'whites' they are not white, they're a sort of honey-gold,
And lashes hardly exist at all! There's nothing to behold!
And yet they are magnificent, these eyes from long ago;
They make us feel that here's a girl we'd dearly like to know.

Compare the two, and make a choice. I know which choice is mine.
Give me the Mona Lisa! Her eyes are quite divine.

                                                     Gerald Gee


Gerald Gee? I never knew him,
Yet I pay a tribute to him.
He was just a chap on line
Whose sense of humour was akin to mine.
When I heard that he had died
I didn't sob, I merely sighed.
After all, he was no friend.
And, after all, life has to end.
Yet Blogging lost some of its zing;
Just like a step that's lost its spring.
Here is one of his little jokes;
He was one of those jokey blokes.
Yet his 'real art' was lovely, too,
Gerald, I publish this for you.

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