Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Follow/lead Usual/rare

Although, to me, it's a mystery,
Throughout recorded history
Males have always taken the lead!
Yes! It's very strange indeed!
Women have had to follow behind!
Yet it's been proved the female mind
Is quite as clever as the male.
Why, in school, girls rarely fail!
Yet it's usual for men to feel
That only 'men's work' is really real!
A C.E.O. in female form
Is very rare among the swarm
Of male executives and bosses.
Women merely count their losses.
It all comes down to the male physique;
Men consider women weak
Because their bodies are designed
To produce the young of human-kind.
This makes them vulnerable I fear;
And causes macho men to sneer.
But, in the future, when technology
Takes the place of our biology,
And babies are all test-tube made,
Then the women will make the grade.
Freed from bodily constrictions
They will burst from their restrictions,
Taking their places as the leaders,
And not the dominated breeders!


Oh blog! Thou hast an ugly name,
For which I know thou art not to blame.
I know thou art Web Log in disguise,
But thy creators were unwise
To saddle thee with such a title
When attractive names are vital.
As a swear-word it's quite O.K.....
'Blog it!' is quite good to say.
But as a word to describe  delight,
It really, truly, isn't right!
Can'st thou see that charming wench,
Not sitting at a desk or bench,
But on the beach, beside the sea,
Blogging with intensity?
I, too, have that charm and grace
When I'm transported to cyberspace!
I, too, have seas of aquamarine
Adding beauty to the scene.
I tap thy keys with fairy fingers
And not a trace of reality lingers.
Whereas I think of a muddy bog
When I hear that harsh word 'blog'!
Thy namer should deserve a flogging
For calling such an experience 'blogging'!


Mary said...

Ah, I love this. So true that men are often the leaders, whereas women are the breeders. Even though some changes have taken place in the past decades, there is still room for MORE change!

Thanks for participating in and supporting Vice/Versa!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

This was a great take on the Poets U prompt. I caught a bit of irony at the end... Me, I'm a "natural way" kinda girl, but I definitely see your point! We need more female leaders - not simply because they are women, but because there is something horribly out of balance with our world, and it calls for a mother's/sister's touch. Peace, Amy