Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady in Lace

The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


There are no maps that show the way to the Land of Peace of Mind.
I live in a time warp and the past has left its mark behind.
Though years have dwindled down and gone I am flooded with memories.
Invisible cords tie me to her still  and I can find no ease.
Pictures of her seem to ricochet around my tortured brain;
I see her walking down the path, as she will never walk again.
Curvaceous, yet with a narrow waist, and with an angel face;
A picture from another age, slender and dressed in lace.
My thoughts spin out of control again as they have done before
As I light a candle in the alcove that stands there by the door.
Daily, I make a penance; she was my darling wife
And yet in a drunken temper I took my sweet one's life.
The years in prison scarred me; now old age is unkind.
There are no maps that show the way to the Land of Peace of Mind.


I never had a party when I was a little child;
Britain was deep in World War Two, and everything was wild.
And I never had a party when I was in my prime,
Though I do remember, vaguely, a card or two at the time.
But I remember my sixtieth! It was the day that I retired!
I'd worked as a teacher for forty years and departure was required.
I had three parties on the day and another one at night,
With sixty candles on cup-cakes making a brilliant light.
And I remember my seventieth! We actually hired a hall
And I invited seventy guests and we really had a ball.
All my theatrical friends were there, performing on the stage;
And I felt really grateful to have reached such an ancient age.
Then came my eightieth birthday with a family celebration,
And an evening spent in presenting a play, one of my own creation!
I felt younger during that evening than I'd felt twenty years before,
And now I look forward to ninety, wondering what's in store!
I had no childhood birthdays, but youth doesn't last for ever.
It's very clear it's an obvious case of
'Better Late Than Never!'


Elizabeth said...

Loved your wordle. It's beginning filled me with strong feelings as I helped my sister make up a family photo book this week and we had the same kinds of feelings finding pictures of Mother throughout the process.

But, then came your twist and ending. A great good surprise, and a roaring good conclusion. Thanks,


joanne said...

I love the last 3-4 lines - always a cool twist with your rhymes.....and your birthday rhyme was so entertaining! You know, the older I get, the younger 80 seems...Here's to many more wonderful celebrations!

Kristina said...

Oh wow. Loved your wordle. Very well done and then the ending of course got me.