Sunday, August 26, 2012

With a Little Help

A Cross-Section

asks us to use these Beatles' words


Life is such a lottery, such a game of chance;
We make a choice and that decides our position in the dance.
I made a choice when emigrating; now I'm where I am,
And I have friends called Joy and Bebe and Betty, Ros and Pam.*
I happen to treasure friendship more than I do romance,
And so I am glad I met these friends when I played life's game of chance.
Old age revives sororities that mid-life cast aside,
When we were all engrossed in being girl-friend, mother, bride.
And yet I often ponder on those other 'friends', unmet;
The ones in other places I haven't lived-in yet!
If I had gone to Adelaide I might have met  Pauline,
 And Alice, Freda, Mitzi and that elegant Angeline!
Of course I'll never meet them now, but I'm sure that they exist;
They represent lovely friendships I'm sorry I have missed!
But I'm just being greedy, for fate has served me well.
I'm happy with the friends I have and the dice with where it fell.
* Sorry, girls! I only had room for monosyllabic names!

(An Acrostic)

Speeches are sometimes hard to make;
People have to learn to fake
Every gesture and each bright expression,
Eager to make the right impression.
Confident acting must be the key.
Hold forth with prose or poetry.

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