Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Wordle


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letter 'D'

I worked on Union Castle ships many years ago,
In the days when travel by road and rail was inestimably slow,
And ships took two whole weeks to reach from England to the Cape,
Before the days of aeroplanes giving a quick weekend escape.
'My' ship, 'The Transvaal Castle' , would anchor, for some days,
In the port of Southampton, in one of the many bays.
I'd go up on deck, wondering what was in store,
The thought that the ship might sink never came to the fore.
I'd wake up in the morning and head down to the stern
Though the ship might pitch and toss about and the waves might break and churn.
The link with England broken, we would navigate our way,
All of us thrilled to the marrow, through the wilds of Biscay's Bay.
I was the Children's Hostess, my uniform was smart,
And I still remember the excitement when a trip was about to start.


Remember the dream of having it all?
'Equality', as I recall,
Meant being feminine in looks and manner
But still being able to wield a spanner!
This magazine cover from way back then,
Shows women being the equals of men.
Domination, we thought, was ending,
(Though I find this scene rather condescending.)
But modern wives, it seems to me,
Can't really enjoy equality,
Because they're run right off their feet.
No time to look delicate and sweet.
True, many men help in the house;
No-one ever says 'Are you man or mouse?'.
But though 'I help' may be their boast
It's still the woman who does the most.
Women of older generations
Had to cope with their own frustrations...
Tied to the kitchen and not allowed
To have careers to make them proud.
But today's young women, workers plus wives,
Lead such stressful and hurried lives,
Paying the mortgage and cooking meals!
I can imagine how it feels!
It seems 'our' advances have been small.
Will women ever 'have it all'?


Leslie: said...

Love both your rhymes! Having been on a few cruises, I can say I find them to be very relaxing. And as a member of the "in-between" women whose mother said to get a career "just in case something happens to your husband" I watch my poor daughter doing it all - working full time with a stay-at-home husband who "babysits" while she pays the mortgage, the car loan, and all the bills. Does she have it all? No way, in my honest opinion!

carol l mckenna said...

Unique photo and poem ~ thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

Roger Owen Green said...

I love the sense of anticipation

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Wanda said...

Sometimes "Having it All" is a matter of attitude on what you do have!

I did enjoy your poem and you are right about balancing work, home, kids.....it's hard. Been there done that!

Attitude is the key!

Berowne said...

Very interesting post on cruise ships. I did some of that work too.

joanne said...

Cruise ships today are so very different from the ships of yore, thank god!

Anonymous said...

i've secretly wanted to work on a cruise ship, but as an aerobics instructor

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