Friday, August 24, 2012

Colour Unseen



What if there is a colour our eyes cannot perceive,
A colour that, it seems, has never been?
Not a blend or mixture, and not a shade or tint,
But a colour that our eyes have never seen.
It's possible. Consider dogs.......a dog cannot see red.
He doesn't know there's something of that shade!
And yet the world is full of it, as crimson, rose and pink,
Though dogs cannot enjoy it, I'm afraid.
But though dogs cannot see it, it's there , we know that's true,
It's just the type of vision that's evolved;
The rods that we've inherited add redness to our lives....
A scientific problem that's been solved.
So, if way into the future, we add a few more rods
Maybe the colour 'parni' will appear.........!
A delightful brand new colour adding novelty and flair!
How odd to think that it's already here!

(An Acrostic suggested by Acrostics Only)

Manchester meant 'breast-like hill' in the days of long ago.
And the Celts once had a fort there as old diggings clearly show.
Normans took the city in The Harrowing of the North'
Castlefield still has a fort from which the Normans issued forth.
History says Flemish weavers settled there in time
Establishing an industry, creating wealth and grime.
Since then the city's flourished as a centre for all trade.
This was where the bulk of all the cotton goods were made.
Eras change and now the city's modern and up-beat.
Resolve to visit Manchester! Give yourself a treat!

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