Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When and What

Asks us to use the words of a famous Frank Sinatra song


When somebody loves you, or at least they say they do
Always try to ascertain which type of love they're giving you!
For 'love' is such a tricky word, it means so many things,
And some of them have muddy boots and some have angels' wings.
The 'love' we give a baby or a kitten is so simple;
We're hard-wired to be moved by a cute whisker or a dimple.
The 'love' in an adventure of the purely sexual kind
Is quite a different animal , all body and no mind.
The 'love' for ones relations is mild and not frenetic
And most of it's engendered by details that are genetic.
'Love' thy neighbour! Well, of course, charity is the cue;
We 'love' because the loving is what we're advised to do.
The 'love' of friends is precious, but is it really love?
Companionship, and shared laughter is what we're speaking of.
Romantic 'love' is desirable, but often includes deception
And protestations of this type should receive a cool reception.
You say that you 'love' chocolate! Your taste-buds call the tune.
As for me , I 'love' a nap on a lazy afternoon.
Affection, passion, habit........ everyone of them plays a part,
Find out which one you're offered before you give your heart!

'An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind'


Revenge has a fascination. It seems to even up the score.
'An eye for an eye' seems reasonable; forgiveness rather a bore.
So you've lost an eye, figuratively speaking, and that is a disaster,
And now you want to take 'his' eye to show him who is master.
He, in return, will seek revenge for your tit-for-tat-type action,
And, when he sees you're truly blind it will give him satisfaction!
You will hit out 'blindly' hoping, at last, to make things right.
And he, in turn, will end up losing his own precious sight.
'Turning the other cheek' is hard, but it's certain we will find
That if we exact retribution the whole world will go blind.


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