Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fishy Business



A gentleman made a mistake
By ordering fish and not steak.
When he took his first bite
He said 'This isn't right!'
And he threw it back into the lake.

Picasso 'The Muse'


My Muse does not amuse me!
She chooses to abuse me!
She puts ideas inside my head
When I am lying in my bed,
Forcing me to stir my bones,
Rising with deep and midnight groans,
To hie me to my darkened desk!
In my night attire! Grotesque!
I seat myself, prepared to write,
Though it's the middle of the night!
But she, the miscreant, just hurts me,
For then the thought she gave deserts me.
The seed of greatness she inspired
Fades, and dwindles and grows tired!
Soon it fades away completely!
She doesn't even act discretely!
I hear her laugh as she takes her leave!
For she intended to deceive.
The great thought haunts me, almost there,
And yet quite vanished in thin air.
Nothing more to be done or said.
I go to the toilet and back to bed!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed several of your Rinkly
Rimes and am amazed how they must roll off your tongue!. I want to wish you both a Very Happy New Year. We have had an interesting one, went to see the film Life of Pi-it is so gripping,you must try and see it.Then yesterday we went to Ludlow for the
day. Had a swim today so it's a full life. Lovely to be in touch again.