Saturday, August 11, 2012



I might even feel things differently if Australia had done well;
I'll admit that certain aspect from the start.
But, ignoring that, it seems to me that something has been lost;
No, not our medals, something that's called 'heart'.
It's all become commercial, money's the bottom line;
A 'gold' costs ten million dollars to achieve!
And countries without money haven't a hope in hell,
Though individuals do add some reprieve.
And even wealthy countries, like Australia itself,
Have to decide just where they'll spend their cash.
Should it be on the sick and homeless and  infrastructure needs
Or on 'The Olympics', just to make a splash?
When athletes start their training, they do it for themselves,
That's true of every adept girl and boy;
It's not as though they train to put their country on the map;
They do it because it's something they enjoy.
Other people have their hobbies, their aims, their expertise;
Very few are given largesse to excel;
The Arts, the Sciences and such
Have proponents who do well just to do well.
These demi-gods who're showered with praise
Because they can jump and run
Didn't start out 'for their country'
They started out for fun.
Their young and healthy bodies are a glory to behold;
Their cleverness is not in any doubt.
But why should they be showered with such over-the-top rewards
When others, equally brilliant, do without?
As to my illustration, the wording says it all;
Big Business is in there fighting for a dollar.
Their billions could be spent on all the luckless souls
Who are living out their lives in desperate squalor .
Oh I enjoy the spectacle and the medal-ribbon tally;
I like it when my country is acclaimed,
But in my serious moments I have my doubts about it,
And I even feel a little bit ashamed.

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