Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Icon and The Colon

The most common uses of the colon.



A colon is an oddsome thing, God wot.
It's just a spot upon another spot.
An icon is a holy thing, they say,
A picture that helps worshippers to pray.
A colon has few uses (see above).
It's not a thing that writers tend to love.
An icon is a Russian sort of thing,
A picture of an angel or a King.
They haven't much in common, that's for sure
And either one could tend to be a bore.
But put them in double-harness and you'll find
That they express the odd quirks of our kind.
We make them smile, we often make them scowl,
We make them laugh, we even make them howl,
Add 8 and sunglasses appear;
They add concern, they add good cheer.
A Smiley Icon gives a little hint
As to how we view the words we print.
We find it can, in endless ways,
Add to the enjoyment to our days.





So when the Great Change comes,
And the world around us alters,
And the seas rise up and warm
And everything living falters,
Will we adapt like the water-lily
Floating on a pond,
Managing survival
To forever and beyond?
The water lily seeks for soil
Yet it has learned to float,
It lies upon the water
Like a fragile petalled boat.
Dragonflies glide above it;
The little fish swim below;
It does not live in a garden
Yet it has learned to grow.
Our altered situation
Need not mean that we are trapped;
Over evolution's aeons
Mankind may adapt.

I spouted poetry at the Country Women's Association meeting last night. What a very nice crowd of ladies! (It always surprises me that, although we hear about horrid people in the news all the time, daily life seems to abound in really lovely people!) Anyway, here they are en mass. And they make delicious marmalade too. Malcolm will benefit from a pot.

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Margaret Gosden said...

PS I don't know what I would do without marmalade!!!
I wonder if Malcombe remembers Golden Shred? During the war, bread and margerine and marmalade....