Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Motor Madness

                                     Malcolm Bryant

"I don't even like old cars. I'd rather have a goddam horse. A horse is at least human!"
J.D. Salinger


Linking a quote and a photograph.


I'll never understand the fascination
That many people feel for things on wheels!
Eyes light-up with a wild anticipation!
And I just can't imagine how that feels.
I drive in cars and find they have their uses
When I need to get to B and I'm at A;
But the sight of one does nothing to my juices
And, at times, they simply just get in my way!
Old cars look rather quaint, I will agree there,
But the comfort aspect spoils the whole effect;
I don't take note of any pedigree there;
Left to me the car would suffer from neglect.
Now poetry I view with much elation,
Now there's a thing that certainly appeals,
But I'll never understand the fascination
That many people feel for things on wheels!


Pity the Kleptomaniac, he's not a low-down thief,
His is a mental problem which often brings him grief.
A burglar steals because his aim is utterly financial;
He'll sell-on stolen property; the rewards will be substantial.
But a kleptomaniac steals little things, valueless at times,
And he can't quite get his mind round why he's out committing crimes!
He gets home, after shopping, to discover he has things
That aren't the slightest use to him! Forget about diamond rings!
Paper-clips and chewing-gum, odd items such as these!
And apprehension by the Law can bring him to his knees!
They suffer a compulsion which cannot be explained;
Kleptomaniacs should be pitied, rather than disdained!


Kaylene said...

Great shots and quote

21 Wits said...

Great post, although I'm still laughing at your opening about old cars! Ha! Ha! You see I am a fan of cars! Especially old and more importantly odd and silly by nature!

kayerj said...

love it :D kaye—the road goes ever ever on