Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ruined Idyll

asks us for a VERY short story


Be aware
That a plastic chair
Can float away
In the bay.
Water's deep!
Do not sleep!
Woe betide
Incoming tide!
Loud screams!
Forget dreams.
(140 characters)


They gathered in my cosy room,
Escaping from the winter gloom,
Ready to practise for a play;
Another 'gig' was on its way.
I looked at them and 'I saw red'.
I took the photo then I said
'Red is such a cheerful colour;'
It stops the grey from looking duller.
Everyone is cheered and warmed,
Cosied-up and quite transformed
By a ruby's generous glow.'

The others said 'Oh! Are we duller
Because we wear a different colour?'
Compliments sometimes backfire
When it comes to comments on attire!

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