Saturday, August 4, 2012


There was a time, in ages past, when men looked at the stars.
They worked-out their directions from Jupiter and Mars.
And now we've got the GPS, that whispers in our ear,
And tells us, with authority, that we've got from there to here.
But, in between, the compass was a wonderful device;
It pointed out the North Pole, which was full of snow and ice.
From that it wasn't difficult to seek out East and West,
And even South, if it happened to be the way that we liked best.
I'd never have thought of reading stars, or inventing the GPS;
As for thinking-up the compass, I could do that even less!
I simply benefit from brains that have bravely led the way,
When I want to get from Manchester, via Chad, to Mandalay.
I have no sense of direction and so I'm most impressed
By people who understand it all and seem to pass each test.
How fortunate that clever people, pinnacles of perfection,
Can take us dullards by the hand
And point us in the right direction!


The sun floats palely in the sky
The breeze is brisk and cool.
This picture from  last summer
Makes me positively drool!
Beside his golden ship of dreams
The lone lake-watcher views
The water stretched before him.....
As he readies for a cruise;
A cruise to far horizons
That lie across the way.
I wish that it were summer now!
It's wintry today.


Maude Lynn said...

I would gladly give you a bit of my weather. It will be 109 degrees today.

Ella said...

I love both of your poems...
The first one was inventive and fun to read! The second one...gorgeous!