Thursday, August 30, 2012




What little person could resist
 A window that is not to be missed!
Not like a window in a house,
But shaped like the ears of Mickey Mouse!
What is he gazing at so long?
The people and places of Hong Kong!
When children are as young as he
They're full of curiosity,
So much to learn, so much to know,
So much to taste, so far to go!
Right on into senility
Let us bask in curiosity.


A pilot and a passenger were flying in a plane.
The aeroplane was twin-engined and the passenger was a pain.
He cursed and swore about the time of estimated arrival
And the pilot's thoughts about him became really adjectival.
Finally! Disaster! One of the engines failed;
It coughed and spluttered and then it died as high in the sky they sailed.
'More trouble!' growled the passenger; ' What are you going to do?'
Said the pilot 'We can fly on one engine almost as well as two.
The only problem that we'll have is the fact that we might be late.'
'Call yourself a pilot!' snarled the passenger; 'This is great!
Flying on one engine! Can't you do anything right?
If this one goes we're in trouble! We'll be up here half the night!'

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