Sunday, August 19, 2012


supplied the first line


A fellow was very obsessed
By the lady next-door and her chest.
He demanded a feel
To see if it was real
And now he is under arrest.


'What we think becomes reality!'
I've often heard that said.
So you are heading for fatality!
You will soon be dead!
I see myself as a giant,
Although you call me small.
Don't attempt to be defiant.
Your back's against the wall!
I'll leap out of here like lightning,
My jaws like an iron vice.
My expression will be so frightening
That it wont be very nice!
My growl will be like thunder;
My bark like a firing gun;
I'll be tearing you asunder!
There'll be nowhere you can run!
Like a rag doll you'll be shaken;
And soon your eyes will pop!
You'll scream, if I'm not mistaken;
Yes, you'll scream for mercy 'Stop!'
But kindly wait a minute;
My courage has started shrinking.
My heart just isn't in it..........
I must do a bit more thinking!

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