Friday, August 3, 2012

Relay Rhyme

An Acrostic Limerick

Regarding the running of races
Every runner is put through his paces.
Lag right at the back
And they'll give you the sack!
You'll find out how awful disgrace is.


Please sir, I'd like to be a ghost.
How long have you been dead?
Only a minute or two milord.
And do you feel full of dread?
On the contrary, I feel wonderful!
Ready to have some fun?
I've always fancied haunting.
No sooner said than done.
Can I choose my own methods, sir?
Well, there are limitations.....
I've got some wonderful ideas!
Not too many complications!
I'd like to drag myself along.
Right! I'll supply the chains.
I'd like to penetrate the woods!
And how about country lanes?
And I'd like to sort omumble.
You can if you add a groan.
But I want to be original!
I won't let you be a clone!
I thought, maybe, I'd grind my teeth!
A capital idea!
And then I thought I'd whisper threats.....
Ha ha! In each shell-like ear!
So do you think I'll make the grade?
I think that you'll do fine!
What's the next thing I must do?
Just sign on the dotted line.


1 comment:

The Write Girl said...

I enjoyed your relay acrostic. Nicely done! Also your ghost poem is very witty.