Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One of the shelves!

asks us to use the famous Sound of Music line
'These are a few of my favourite things.'

I wont speak of rainbows or kittens or such
For dear Julie Andrews has praised them too much!
We all of us treasure the fluffy and sweet,
The 'sugar' we see and the sugar we eat.
Some favourites are general, beloved of us all.
No, these are not favourites that I will recall.
A favourite thing should be something we treasure,
To feast on at once, or savour at leisure.
Well, I have my diaries, penned over the years,
The record of of happiness, ho-hum and tears.
It's rarely I open them, they gather dust,
But one day I'll sit down and relive, I trust,
The parts of my life that are over and done,
For each day's a favourite, yes, every one.
Some may need censoring......was I too mean?
Was I too critical when on the scene?
For, one day, I'll leave them behind and I know
I don't want to feel guilty when I have to go.
They'll be thrown in the bin in the end, I'm aware;
For there are too many and people wont care.
The family might find a spot for a few,
But, when there are dozens, well what can one do?
Before there were blogs, there were diaries to write;
Things to record in them last thing at night.
There's nothing of panoply, Princes or Kings,
But these are a few of my favourite things.

I expect this drama is in a diary somewhere!


I can't remember what he did! I just recall he did it!
If he was feeling agony he very bravely hid it!
There's nothing like a plaster or a bandage or a sling
To make a wounded soldier feel as pleased as anything!
'Look at me!' he seems to say 'I'm in a sorry state!'
Inside a little voice pipes up ' I'm wounded and it's great!'

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Both poems are a delight, and I just love that arm in the cast photo with the big grin on his face. Wonderful!