Sunday, August 19, 2012



(An Acrostic)

Dark clouds that pass, without relief;
Red soil, and eyes red too, from grief;
Only the dried-up husks of corn;
Unhappy farmers who watch and mourn;
Gardens standing brown and dry;
Hungry animals standing by;
This was Australia for the decade past,
 But there is hope......rain came at last!


With paint and rollers, sweat and strain
We try to make things good again.
When time and usage make their mark
We must ignite the initial spark....
The time when our house was fresh and new
And our refurbishing plans were few.
Our home was viewed with complacent pride,
And we were neatly tucked inside.
But rust and mould and flaking paint
Were all at work, though their mark was faint.
A touch-up job just now and again
Could turn the losses into gain.
A new tile here, a new tap there
Could give the place a well-kept air.
But, as the years creep on and on,
We find pristineness has up and gone.
Finally, even the rollers die;
They give up the ghost, refuse to try.
We find we cannot run away
From the powering tide known as Decay.



Old Egg said...

Great acrostic with the reminiscence of everything happening in slow motion, the heat and despair.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Your acrostic take on the Drought prompt was so true. I'm in the USA, the Midwest, and our small farmers are desperate. We are buying even the worst of their local produce in hopes of keeping them afloat, and there's a big concert for Farm Aid here in Madison this week.

Praying for small farms, Amy

Annie Jeffries said...

And the rains left the American Midwest and fled to Australia. Life's a cycle.

Altonian said...

Great poems as usual. It is interesting that your version of 'drought' is, perforce, the exact opposite of mine, prompted by our experiences here this year.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for both sets of farmers.

Roan said...

Thank you for the hope.

Belva Rae Staples said...

I like your acrostic! It sounds like what's happening in our country. I think we all need to do a rain dance!

gautami tripathy said...

Love your acrostic!


joanne said...

apt acrostic....righteous rhymes.....hilarious home-repairs.....loved it all....

Unknown said...

Very nice acrostic- first time I'm passing by. We're always in need of rain here in India. :) New follower :)