Wednesday, August 1, 2012


asks us to use a verb

(An Acrostic)

Perhaps I'll do it, perhaps I will.
Really, I ought to pay that bill.
Eventually I may stir myself,
Vacuum the floor or dust the shelf,
Arrange my affairs or make the bed,
Rearrange the garden shed,
Iron the shirts or wash the dog,
Cook a pie or write my blog.
At the moment I'm feeling frail;
Telling-me-off is to no avail.
Everything is too much for me.
I'll do it tomorrow, you wait and see!
                                             In memory of  Gerald Gee


A day of storm, of lowering clouds,
Of scudding winds and passing showers.
And yet the sun can pierce the gloom,
Such are its powers.

The hills reveal themselves, then hide.
The colours change from dun to brass.
Strange shapes appear and then re-form
Along the grass.

And, suddenly, a trumpet sounds;
A brilliance spreads itself around.
The sun has found its voice once more
And what a sound!

The yellow, gold, canary tones
Are dazzling to the grey-filled eye!
We greet the fitful sun once more.........
Then say goodbye.


Maude Lynn said...

Your acrostic is so smooth! Wow!

Laurie Kolp said...

Love the acrostic... self-justification run wild (I should know).

Brian Miller said...

def a rather smooth style to your well as dialogue and gets the verb across well...

Peggy said...

I LOVE your verb poem! So whimsical and the rhythm and pace are good too. Good word to choose! Also like the second poem about the gray and sunshine--and especially like the picture you put with it.

Day Dreamer said...

I love the flow and message! Sounds a lot like me!

Mary said...

Enjoyed the acrostic. In addition to being about 'prevaricate' if it weren't an acrostic it could be entitled 'procrastinate.'

Anonymous said...

enjoyed both poems!

Mary B. Mansfield said...

As a master procrastinator, I can say that I love the acrostic and am thoroughly impressed by the addition of rhyme. Your second poem is heartbreaking but with just a touch of hope. Two very well-written poems.

Margaret said...

Witty and enjoyable acrostic!