Friday, August 24, 2012

A Great Night Out!

The Word Bank

We are asked to use all the words in the Word Bank


I was very carefully raised; 
My Mother saw to that.
If I blew the froth off my coffee
She nearly knocked me flat!
I learned good elocution,
And how to hold a spoon.
But all her careful nurturing
Came to nothing very soon.
I fell in love with Marvin
Who was really rather coarse,
He would sing salacious ditties
Until he grew quite hoarse.
He would take me to a road-house
Where he'd rant to all his friends
About his 8-track diode
And other musical trends.
All was hustle-bustle
But I didn't have a fling;
I'd just sit at the table
As cowed as anything.
My food would soon coagulate;
It was rancid anyway
And I was happy when he said
 'We'd better get away'.
I'm afraid he took advantage
When we were homeward bound
I wasn't enthusiastic
But he said that I'd come round!
Mother said 'Have you behaved yourself?'
And I said (which was rich)
'I had a really spiffing time!
It all went without a hitch!'


Next time you eat some cinnamon toast, sit back and just consider.
Once cinnamon was so precious that it went to the highest bidder!
It was worth more than silver! It was worth more than gold!
It was the property of lords and kings in the ancient days of old!
So precious was this spice that it was kept in secrecy.
People who asked were told that it was dredged up from the sea!
Then Arabs said that Cinnamon Birds came flying from the sky
To pluck the bark of the cinnamon tree. But that was just a lie.
In modern fashion, the tales were told to elevate the price!
Yes, even today we're fooled this way, which isn't very nice.
Today we call it Marketing: deception plays a part.
The history of Cinnamon shows that 'spin' always was an art!

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