Friday, August 10, 2012




The mirror shows us the present,
The foreground shows us the past.
Which will fade in a twinkling
And which will be bound to last?
The lamp, the ornaments, the tree
Are sturdy though they're old;
They will be considered of value;
They will be bought and sold.
But any one of the people 
Though now so warm and living,
May disappear quite suddenly,
For time is not forgiving.
Yet, over all, the mellow glow
Casts it's living light.
We're warm, we're safe, we're immortal;
At least we'll survive the night.


Marlene gazed at Wesley, looking him up and down;
They'd just returned from a night out at a restaurant in the town.
They'd met their friends and wined and dined; and now the hour was late;
Thought Wesley 'Marlene's in the mood! And I can hardly wait!'
Marlene moved up to Wesley in a rather sultry way.
And Wesley thought 'Well, now we come to the end of a perfect day!'
'Darling' murmured Marlene 'Has anyone ever said
That you're God's gift to women?'....That's exactly what she said!
Wesley said 'No!!!!'
Then Marlene spat, with more than a hint of spite,

'Then why did you act as though you were when we were out tonight?'


Nefertiti said...

jolie piece ;o)

'Tsuki said...

That is a interesting shot, and the words you chose are perfect.