Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missed Chance



If this is an advert then  I doubt if it ever quite succeeds.
Varying sizes of font are what this odd sign really needs.
'Bottomless Pit' may catch the eye, but it would be even better
If the words were written in a more outstanding letter.
The '65 feet deep' should be as small as it can be,
So that people have to squint to see what they should see.
65 feet deep
Looking at this sign I find it strange and quite surprising.
Someone has missed the chance of doing clever advertising!


Have any of my readers seen
An octopus eating a submarine?
Well, neither have I, and I'm very glad
That that's not an experience I've had!
But........long ago, in my childhood days,
And going through an enquiring phase,
I saw a picture in a book,
Which certainly made me stop and look.
There was an octopus, larger than life,
With a submarine in a lot of strife.
It's tentacles embraced the craft,
Up and over, fore and aft,
And, worst of all, one eye looked in
Through the porthole at the men within!
I was horrified by the sight
Which gave me nightmares every night.
I felt sure an octopus  would pursue me
And do the most terrible tortures to me.
My illustration is not quite right
But it represents my terrible fright.

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