Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Spellers Sculptures

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Doubt surrounds us all
The future is uncertain
But I am steadfast



I'm accustomed to the year three-thousand;
This life seems normal to me.
But, sometimes, I am reminded
Of how life used to be.
I believe that once there were flowers,
And a booming population;
But I have never known anything
But dust and devastation.
We're the End-Of-Time generation;
Procreation stopped long ago;
We know that life is ending,
Though the ending has been slow.
I passed this rusty artifact
As I walked the other day,
And it reminded me of the fact
That it need not have been this way.
It was nearly a thousand years ago
That people realised
That they were living on a planet
Which should have been greatly prized.
But, by then, the time was running short;
The race was nearly run;
Too late they realised that their hope
Lay in the wind and sun.
They footled around with windmills
And other ways and means;
But the urge to quarrel and disagree
Was in everybody's genes.
This rusty piece of technology
Bears witness to human pride;
They never did find the answer.
Oh well, at least they tried.


Unknown said...

I love your picture and Haiku.
As to your poem, it makes me want to cry yet I smile. You are THAT good. Bravo!
Mine is here
Have you an AWESOME WEEK!

Maude Lynn said...

I love that haiku!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful haiku and photo ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Tara Tyler said...

persistence is key! thank you for the inspiring words!

joanne said...

haiku - great message to 'hang tough'... I felt the frightening facts of our future world should we not chose different avenues to coddle our sick planet...I read yesterday that enough sunshine falls on Arizona in a single day to power the US for a year....