Tuesday, August 21, 2012




Some birds migrate, so I have heard,
But I am not that sort of bird.
Though winter winds may twirl my tail
I'm staying right here without fail.
Though winter waves may beat the shore
And colder weather be in store,
I certainly won't sally forth
To warmer climates in the North!
The kiosk is my favourite spot
Just as much in cold as hot.
In the winter there are chips,
Fattening all the ladies' hips,
And some are scattered on the ground!
That's where my supper can be found.
Why should I seek a warmer clime?
I'm having a really scrumptious time!


How can I stand here, still and straight,
And see Madam Alberts write?
How can I calmy watch you leave
When I'm filled with such delight?
Oh Willem! I can see you now,
Walking away down the street!
Willem! Who's now my lover,
So smart, so dear, so sweet!
For months now you've been visiting,
You a humble lawyer's clerk.
Yet tonight we've an assignation,
In the alley, after dark!
How often I've let you in the door,
At my mistress's behest!
You were far above me,
A very formal guest.
Yet today, after the writs were signed,
And I showed you to the door,
You whispered, hastily, 'Sweet Klara!'
And more, oh so much more!
You told me that you'd loved me
For many and many a day
And I told you,Willem, I felt the same!
We had so much to say!
And yet we only had moments;
Our words were very few.
But we spoke enough for me to learn
That our love was strong and true.
'I like it when Willem comes to call'
Madam Alberts said, quite coy.
'I think he rather admires me,
Though he is such a boy.
Take this note to the Lawyers;
There's something more to be signed.
And Willem will have to call again
Very soon, you'll find!'
Let Madam Alberts make her plans!
Let her write and write and write!
He may visit her tomorrow,
But I'll be in his arms tonight!


Fun60 said...

Wonderful poems as usual.

Gattina said...

I love seagulls ! your poem is nice !