Monday, August 13, 2012

Common Sense

supplied the first line


A woman was asked to explain
Why she always undressed in the rain.
She said 'Clothes can get
Very soggy and wet;
Now they're dry when I wear them again.'


All the while I see you,
Though you don't turn around,
'Goodbye' seems so impossible;
I'm on familiar ground.
I've seen you walk that path before,
I've seen your comforting shape;
But then you were leaving for a time,
Not making your escape.
All the while I see you,
Today's like yesterday;
You're sure to turn and smile at me;
And I know the words you'll say......
'I was only teasing, darling!
Of course it's not the end!
You mean so very much to me,
You're my lover and my friend.'
All the while I see you
It's as though we're playing parts,
Pretending to be ex-lovers
Who're nursing broken hearts.
But soon you'll turn the corner;
Leaving not the slightest trace.
I'll no longer see you;
You will be an empty space.


MozInOz said...

what a very touching piece ..... made me feel very sad ..... you certainly have the gift of touching your reader with words

Maude Lynn said...

That second piece is beautifully done!

Saucy Siciliana said...

Beautiful words indeed! I am a new follower from Rome.