Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cold Fish

emotion/falter/ touch


I'm not a demonstrative person;
I don't like to be kissed.
If someone lunges towards me
I, mentally, cry 'Desist!'
I came from a non-hug family,
One that never showed much feeling;
I think we all felt affectionate
But we did a lot of concealing.
So now, when I feel an emotion,
Maybe pity or sympathy,
I always feel rather awkward,
And act very warily.
Should I touch the sufferer?
Is that how I should behave?
Is a hug or even a kiss
Something that they crave?
So I falter and look embarrassed,
And don't do very much good.
I'd give some comfort and affection,
Honestly, if I could.

My friend Margaret sent me a package of my old letters.As this one was in verse, I thought I'd inflict it on my blog-readers!

(1950; Brighton Training College)

"I now must confess that I got in a mess,
Last week things turned out to be dire!
I committed the crime, for the very first time,
Of setting the college on fire!
At least, let's say 'nearly'! It was my fault clearly!
After supper this last Monday night,
When I'd ironed my undies (as always on Mondays!)
I left the iron ON not UPRIGHT!
Think iron and think 'singe'. As for me, not a twinge!
But quite soon a peculiar stink
Invaded the hostel, in each little nostril
And that little odour was......think!
'What's that sickening smell?
'I really can't tell!'
As the odour crept higher and higher.
Then a thought came to me......'It surely can't be!'
But it was! The whole board was on fire!
They considered the crime, where I was at the time,
And (I blush) all the blame fell upon me.
Oh the grumbling I had! I felt horribly sad
For I felt the whole college would shun me!
But they all simply laughed saying 'Brenda! She's daft!'
And just gave me large helpings of teasing!
But I was assured I must buy a new board.
And that thought was not at all pleasing!
Even now my heart fails when I think of the nails
And odd bits of blanket to stuff it!*
No more will I try on a trick with an iron
I'll be good as a Little Miss Muffet!"
*Life was 'ard in the old days!


Vaishali Jain said...

I have to say, there is something so peculiarly common between the both of us[your characters and me]... there might be differences I don't know about but all the recent poems I have read of yours, I find them just so very similar to my life.

I simply LOVED it! :)

Sheilagh Lee said...

I guess I'm a cold fish too I don't mind people I know well hugging me family etc, but I dislike hugs from strangers.
Scorched earth was fun to read now you can laugh about the past.

Mary-Ann said...

Every one expresses emotion differently. Your poem is a lovely reminder that just because we aren't all touchy feely people we still care. Sometimes it is the simpliest of words that are the most comforting. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem.

Ellecee said...

Love these. The first - my family too - my reactions too - but we really are feeling people - aren't we? The second - my what an experience - would want to run and hide. I always enjoy your work.

joanne said...

It is difficult to know how much emotion to show in some circumstances....and I hate 'air-kissing' - so phony! My family was very demonstrative, and I still have a problem with touching strangers.
The second college confession had me smiling all the way thru - who hasn't left the iron on? Solution? Love those 'rinkles' !

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What a great job on that three word prompt. I used it in a limerick, and it also made me a bit introspective. Sounds like we're rather similar. :)

RMP said...

I have always found the whole hug thing an uncomfortable thing. Strangely it is often something I crave.

Very nice use of 3WW.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Do it! A nicely written account of your apprehension. But do it!

Tweety said...

I don't mind showing emotions if someone needs it...but i am a perfect cold fish when it comes to expressing my own feelings...

I loved your second one...How could you so easily express it all :)

Unknown said...

You did a really great job here. Well done.