Monday, April 27, 2009


No introduction necessary!


A car is a car is a car!
(Pinched from someone else's verse!)
To me they all look just the same,
Except, maybe, for a hearse!
When evolution formed my brain
It left an aching void,
Where recognising cars should be;
A fact I can't avoid!
I cannot tell a Chevrolet
From a Ford or a Toyota!
When car-spotting genes were once doled out
I missed out on my quota!
A Packard is a mystery.
Likewise with a De Soto!
They all look just alike, I fear,
Even in a photo!
They're all tin boxes set on wheels,
Zooming along the highway.
Why is it that all the rest of you
Don't seem to see them my way?
Malcolm, my husband, shades his eyes
To see a distant blur;
'Here comes Rosy Smith!' he says
And, sure enough, it's her!
And all he's seen in the distance
Is a vaguely car-like shape. 
I find this so amazing
That I can only gape!
And it's not a male or female thing,
I've friends who make that clear.
In the car-park they see Maudie's car,
And say ' Maudie's already here!'
I don't even recall the colours,
The shapes are a mystery!
As for badges and things like that,
They're all the same to me.
Take number-plates. Now there's a thought;
It's easy to memorise them.
Except that I'm number-challenged
And I just can't recognise them!
There's one car that I recognise
And it's not the one I drive
( I'm not exactly sure of that!
Does the number end in five?)
Malcolm has a hobby-car;
He treats it like a toy,
A session in the garage
Is his very greatest joy.
He's tinkering and revving
And working up a sweat,
And, though it looks a picture,
 He hasn't finished yet!
I'm called-out to admire it
And coo over it's design.
I'm beginning to recognise it!
So that's a hopeful sign.
I recognise it! A Triumph,
From nineteen-sixty-three!
It's certainly a Triumph
For poor car-challenged me!


Mari Meehan said...

Now me, I can identify most any car, but my own license plate? Not a chance! I can't tell you what it begins with nor how it ends. What's in between is a total blank.

Anonymous said...


good one :)

Anonymous said...

Great car, great poem!

LA Nickers said...

How fun.

My brother had a Triumph when we were younger. We called it his TOY CAR. What fun it was!

Next week's prompt is up:

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Margaret Gosden said...

It IS a very nice looking car, but what else needs doing to it? I suppose that is the point with this kind of hobby, really - it is the journey that matters, not the destination... how compatible for you both to have separate interests, with such agreeable diversions as a pastime.

Margaret Gosden said...

I forgot to end my comment with, WHAT A TRIUMPH!

Unknown said...

Funny, because we were shopping for a care today. Or at least we test drove one. It will be triumphant to get it, but not hopefully until later in the summer.


Ah, a soulmate - I can't tell one car from another, except perhaps by it s colour.

Kat said...

Would like to slightly change Margaret's statement it is the journey that matters, not the CAR :))))

Loved Raji's talent :)))

and left me grinning on the number & car-challenged - YOU :)))

Margaret said...

You amaze me with how clever you are! I can get an idea and massage it a little and call it a "kind of " poem. But to rhyme... I'm still working on that! Thank you for participating. If you can link it to the challenge, that would be nice. It just helps "get the word" out and more readers and viewers.

Thank you so much for participating in "In the Moment"!