Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brain Train

 suggests the topic 'EXERCISE'.


The elderly, as we all know, grow weaker as they age.
The muscles tend to soften as they reach the final stage.
But the brain is quite a different sort of animal, I find,
And there are many exercises with the brain in mind.
The more one thinks, the more one grows, the grey cells multiply.
The mind can stay quite sprightly till the very day we die.
Now, I've found writing poetry has kept my mind in trim,
Although, to look at, I'm no longer youthful, smart and slim.
Inside my mind I'm still sixteen, life's full of great surprises,
Because composing verses beats more youthful exercises.
Not everyone likes poetry, that the whole world agrees.
But the brain reacts to stimuli of different sorts, like these......
There's reading, writing, Bingo even, crossword puzzles too,
Joining in group discussions is something else to do;
Even conversation with some stimulating friends,
Discussing how you just can't stand the latest awful trends!
There's listening to radio, not just gazing at TV;
Then there's the chance to go on-line, or trace your family-tree.
The list is endless , so it seems, so work with might and main
To keep a young mentality and exercise your brain!
 Lizzy Frizzfrock made a point when she wrote a recent letter!
Blogging is brain exercise! In fact there's nothing's better!

More good advice here:


Cheryl Cato said...

I think blogging may be a good replacement for crossword puzzles, what do you think?

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Always a good idea to stretch your brain matter! I got my husband a Nintendo DS for him to do as a relaxing he's nuts about all of his "brain games!"

Jinksy said...

Up with silver surfer brain power! x

Chubby Chieque said...

A smart idea... sooner or later am going there.

Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate and I do put in mind every word you shared.

Happy Sunday.

ladygarfield said...

Brenda, that was so insightful. Life's indeed full of surprises. And yes, I will keep in mind what you are telling us here. Thanks.


Nice one, Brenda.

I am 62 plus, and my mother at 81 gives me stiff competition in all the fields I enjoy - doing crosswords, reading, blogging (, and in other fields like knitting, and she is better and brighter than poor old me.

Winifred said...

Blogging is definitely good for you.

A blog a day keeps Alzheimers at bay!

Cheryl Cato said...

Very cute! I'm honored to have my words incorporated into your poem!
Have a lovely Sunday!

Kat said...

mmmm.... I see Brenda thro' her rhymes... and I only see a youthful, smart and slim lady..!!!!