Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is one aspect of ANZAC Day. See
for a more heartfelt rendition.

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Most people will not understand this curious little phrase
But Australia and New Zealand know 'It's just one of those days'.
Today we celebrate ANZAC, Gallipoli and 'mates',
Recalling fallen heroes and other wartime greats.
The dawn will find us standing all reverently, heads bowed,
But, when that time is over, guess where you'll find the crowd!
They'll be off to the nearest 'boozer', downing a pint or two,
And playing 'Two Up' madly with others of their crew.
In 'Two Up' you toss a coin and guess the heads or tails,
But it's a gambling pastime, and you know what that entails.
It was played by prisoners of war in prison camps  they say,
But it was banned when peace arrived and still it's banned today.
Except on ANZAC DAY! Yippee! How all the coins are tossed!
And that is how we celebrate a battle that we lost!

Playing Two-Up on ANZAC Day in the Antarctic!


Darlene said...

I had never heard of 'Two Up' and wonder why it was banned?

The U. S. tries to forget the battles it lost and would like to hide them under the rug. Maybe a celebration would be much better and lead to peace. Just hoping --.

Kat said...

They'll be off to the nearest 'boozer', downing a pint or twoMust be to drown the sorrows of battles lost?