Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have mentioned my passion for simplified spelling before. And not many of you shared my enthusiasm.

So read this just for fun.

Men ov old hav utad 'Zowndz!'
Wen thav ritan wurdz in sowndz,
But mi aproch wurkz lic a drem
Speling lists just mak me screm!
Orl thoz yeaz geting thingz rong!
Owaz and owaz! It tooc so long!
Wen ech child cood hav yoozd its hed
Lurning utha thingz insted!
'Hooray for fonics!' so say I!
Il be a fan until I di!
* Not a spelling mistake!


Shannon said...

YAY! A fan of invented spelling! :) My lil girl recently wrote a song (put on my blog) with some invented spelling (only 6 lines of a song, but she's FIVE)!

Mo said...

Tink its hapnin anyway cos of txt

Betty said...

It's a good thing I learned to read phonetically. Reading your poem would have been a lot harder, otherwise. lol

Martha Z said...

I'm in favor of anything that makes spelling easier. I write comments with a dictionary by my side. My father, a printer by trade, could never understand why two of his three children could not learn to spell.

Margaret Gosden said...

No matter how 'antiquated' the spelling rules are, I still prefer the English language I was taught (having forgotten what the rules are). Spelling was always my f-grade, still is a challenge to the memory, but since language itself has always been a creative process surely it is better to show how it came about in the learning. Cell messaging, text messaging via hyper tech tools are already creating a shorthand to fit the medium, only understood by those in the know. What is there to back it up, how can one write prose and poetry with any meaning if the reductive aspect of childish spelling, amusing as it is at their age, is taken seriously?

Kat said...

Never knew you can write poems in Russian. Must've been good as usual :)