Friday, April 24, 2009

Safe Distance


A photograph not OF the sky but FROM it this time.

We were on our way up to Queensland from Sydney when I took this photograph.

I'm normally afraid to fly.
I think I am about to die.
I listen to the engine sound
And feel too high above the ground.
I don't believe in aeroplanes!
I'd rather stick to cars and trains.
But when, en route to my destination,
I saw this nasty conflagration,
I changed my mind and felt secure,
Above the bush-fire, safe and sure.
I welcomed the power of flight because
I felt much safer where I was!

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gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful rhyming.

going from one extreme to the other

Tumblewords: said...

'Up there' is a paradox. Beyond danger, yet full of it. Nice.

Janie said...

Great shot of the bush fire and great rhyme. You're right, being above one of those fires is far safer.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Always something to make me think.

Wings1295 said...

Very cool pic!!!

Photo Cache said...

Lovely photo and equally entertaining poem.

Carol said...

Beautiful photo...everything looks different from above...I smiled at your poem...I'd rather stick to cars and trains also...

Jim said...

Bushfire from an interesting perspective.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photo.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Erin said...

enjoyed your photo and your words...thanks for sharing. have a lovely weekend.