Monday, April 13, 2009

Under Wonder

Back to the banal today!


Three Irishmen were chatting over a glass of beer.
Said Shamus, 'Listen to me, boys, while I tell you something queer.
The other day, beneath my bed, right there upon the floor,
I found a pair of pliers that I know weren't there before!
I'm sure my wife's unfaithful with some local handyman
And I intend to keep a  watch and catch them if I can.'
'Well! Bless my soul! The same with me!' Danny spoke up and said.
'I found a wrench, plain as could be right there beneath my bed!
I'm sure it's a local plummer that's got himself involved.
I'm going to watch and wait and see until the mystery's solved.'
'That's odd, me boys' says Paddy,'We're all  in the same boat!,
And, if I catch the varmint, I'm going to cut his throat!
You see, my situations worse!' and he went rather red...
'My wife's in love with a racehorse!
I found a Jockey under my bed!'


Tumblewords: said...

What a hoot this is! Still laughing!

DeniseinVA said...

Me too, very funny!!!

Anonymous said...

'Tis quite the laugh maker, here! Some fantastic works! I'll have to come back for more :)

Kat said...

Felt the same as Tumblewords.... can't stop grinning..!!!